Simply Superior Sausage

The Ramundo Family Sausage Company is different from any other sausage company. Quality has not been sacrificed by overhead, bottom-line and shelf life. The ancient Ramundo family recipe from Fuscaldo Italy will not be compromised by the industry standard of preservatives and fillers.

All natural is a phrase almost extinct in the sausage/processed meat industry. It’s only part of the reason why Ramundo Family Sausage is superior to the competition. Truly secret ingredients, mixed with unique, original spice blend and spice preparation before it ever hits the meat contribute to taste superiority. 

Supremacy is solidified with the finest cuts of 100% pork shoulder, naturally cased, no additives, no preservatives, and without fillers. Even the deep red color of the meat is natural, without dies. Ramundo Family Sausage is produced in small batches, within a USDA approved facility, with the capabilities of producing thousands upon thousands of pounds a day. We provide both a fresh Italian sausage and a smoked Italian sausage.

Either way, The Ramundo Family Sausage Company guarantees their product and challenges consumers, the restaurant/supermarket industries and the competition to compare labels, ingredients, and taste. For once healthier tastes better.