Simply Superior Sausage

Owners Sal and Tony Ramundo have been eating and making sausage for as long as they can remember. 

Being the children of Italian immigrants, they understood making sausage was not so much about eating it, as it was working together and carrying on another one of many traditions the Ramundo family has and still does keep in place. Getting together to make the highest quality best tasting sausage is as much a tradition as making wine and tomato sauce.

Historically, the Ramundo family is not comprised of master sausage makers. The Ramundo immigrants of the 1950’s and 60’s from Fuscaldo Italy were farmers who mastered trades as tailors, barbers and seamstresses to support their families here in the states. They just happen to keep old world traditions and ancient recipes. They just happen to make superior tasting sausage.

Later, while running Ramundo’s Pizzeria in Mount Lookout, Tony and his brother Gino decided they could not find or serve sausage as good as what they had grown up eating. They started making the Ramundo Family Sausage in house and selling it. The homemade sausage is on the menu as Uncle Frank’s Italian sausage sandwich, named after their father, Frank Ramundo, who served Uncle Frank’s sausage sandwiches at church festivals and fundraisers on the east side of Cincinnati. It wasn’t long before the sausage sold better than any other topping, any other sandwich, started getting a lot of attention, and started winning local awards.

Tony mastered small batch, handmade, expert crafted Ramundo Family Sausage making on a larger than family scale in the back of his pizza shop with his father and brother. Sal had already been an expert sausage sampler since he was old enough to chew and eat his Nonno’s (grandfather in Italian) sausage dried in the cellar. It was only a matter of time before the two of them decided to share their love or making (Tony) and eating (Sal) the finest sausage with everyone else. Sausage this good is a sin not to share.